Re: OT (article on missiles and commercial jets)

Message posted by Andre' M. Dall'au on December 01, 2002 at 4:36:30 PST:

Since DLR's main topic is the government's and media's stance on a top secret facility, the comparason to other newsworthy, but underreported events is viable. For years smart security analysts had seen the potential of commercial airliners laden with a human cargo being used in EXACTLY the same way they were used on 9/11. Only after 9/11 did the media act like it was a new issue and that ben Laden was a overnight sensation. All actually old news, they just didn't want to be accountable for not being on top of the story. A lot has to be the ignorance of the media that tries to come across as all-seeing and all-knowing, but in reality usually has no expertise on the topic they are reporting. No one has picked up on the fact that the SA-7's that were used were shot from blue-painted launchers that almost universally means inert or training rounds. In other words they didn't explode because they were DUMMIES like the media. Also why is the media silent about the rash of cruise ship epidemics that are totally disconnected but have sickened hundreds or people. Remember that the FIRST anthrax death was initially given the cover story of contraction through exposure by drinking contaminated water in the woods of the Carolinas. IS ANYBODY PAYING ATTENTION OUT THERE? Sometimes the small articles (like the contrails report) bear more looking at more than the big articles about Michael Jackson holding his son above a German crowd. We are told what we are needed, kept satisfaied we are "informed" and will swallow the first or second or third version of a story just as long it's in print or spoken by a Brokaw or Rather. Instead of getting predigested and sanitized news, let's keep skeptical and questioning. If a story is wrong it's wrong for a reason and should be ripe for a reader pushback. the media has little mechanism for rebuttal except for forums like this. Keep reading, keep thinking, and like the sixties advocated - "QUESTION AUTHORITY" and that means the media too.

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