air refueling around groom lake

Message posted by gary on November 30, 2002 at 11:01:55 PST:

While camped out near the ranch house at Cedar Pass, I saw a B2 being refueled a bit after oh-dark-thirty, i.e. right at first light. I was looking at the Aerial Refueling Operations Guide yesterday and noticed there is no track in that area, let alone any assigned frequencies. This leads to a few possibilities:

1) Groom does whatever it wants over the NTTR since they own it and it is restricted. Groom runs the operation independent of the FAA.
2) There is a secret (or non-published) ar track over the groom range not in the guide. They use one of the typical frequencies.

Using the normal ar procedure, there are only two frequencies for each track (primary and back-up), so once someone discovers the primary frequency (if it is not known already), you should be able to get a good heads-up on refueling over the range.

For refueling during Red Flag, I've only heard ar 625 in use. You may get lucky and see some refueling on this track anywhere between Scotty's Junction and Tonopah along route 95.


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