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Message posted by Dave Bethke on November 25, 2002 at 16:44:32 PST:

I didn't even think it was a good recap. It was very one sided; Karl Pflock was the only non-believer they interviewed and the portions of his interview that were used seemed bland and non-commital. The new witnesses were pretty much a repeat of the old witnesses. One line said, "the search for the truth about Roswell is like a race with the undertaker". I think that race has already been lost. Can you clearly remember events of over 55 years ago? I can't. (Yes, I was alive then, but just 9 years old.)

I'm not surprised the excavations came up empty. A few years ago Curtis Peebles and Peter Merlin did a search of the debris field area. ( Nothing, zip, nada. The magnetic anomalies the archeologists found were interesting, but I'd have liked to see a similar map of an area 5 miles or so away. Sort of as a control. And what was in those bags? "Stay tuned" for the next special during the next ratings sweep.

I can't believe I sat for two hours and watched it.

Dave Bethke - confirmed skeptic

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