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Message posted by gary on December 29, 2000 at 02:40:01 EST:

One item that may come in handy if you are stranded in the outback of the Nellis ranges is this flasher.

These items are intended as a modern day replacement of flares. Flares are a bit dangerous to store in your vehicle, and often absorb moisture. These flashers are pretty simple and run a long time on 2 D cells. The strobe is very bright. One would hope with the number of planes flying in the Nellis ranges that they would report your location if they saw a flashing strobe.

The only drawback (other than price) is that the on button is a little too easy to hit. I store mine with the batteries removed. is the only shop I've seen sell these on the net, though I managed to get some from the factory, which is a long story.

The last item to have handy is a product called Rescue. This is a chemical that burns like gasoline, but can be stored safely in the car. [Obviously you could keep an extra can of gas in the car, but that could be fatal.] Rescue can be purchased at Kragens. The trick with Rescue is that it will not run a cold engine. The fluid is not very volatile (sp). You need to put it in your gas tank as soon as you run out of gas, or if you know you are not going to make, put it in before you run out. The point is to use it with a hot engine.

Visitors to the Groom area can vouch that gasoline stations are not very plentiful, and some keep bankers hours. Tonopah and Alamo are the exceptions.

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