Re: Can someone recommend a good camping siet?

Message posted by gary on November 13, 2002 at 23:41:43 PST:

Thank to both Joerg and Bob regarding the Tempiute Mine. That might be a good red flag viewing spot in the AM if you want to avoid shooting into the sun, which is why I was exploring near there. I made it up to N37 37.277 W115 37.451, which is near the pass in the mountain. How is that road that goes to the saddle between the "Chocolate Drop" and the Tempitute Peak, ending roughly at N37 37.817 W115 37.753. I made it up the spot where the soil was washed away a bit and took the turn to the saddle, but figured I better ask someone before doing the last climb as I saw no tire tracks in that direction. Also the fact that the roads didn't exactly match my CDROM topo map didn't give me a good feeling.

Incidentally the spot near the north gate where I camped out is at N37 33.070 W115 48.448. It looks like the next hill to the north might have a view of the Groom Lake airspace, but I decided not to check it out as the camo dudes were on me like flies on, well, you know...

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