Re: ATV tracks for everyone

Message posted by Bob on November 13, 2002 at 19:50:57 PST:

There is no need to go any other way.No problem in the narrows.I looked at going up the wash from the tracks.That is also possible and maybe worth doing.As far as entering at other points,it could be done although it would more trouble than it is worth in my opinion.
The tracks lead right to the place.Without them most people would miss the area and continue down the wash.
I almost went down the wash years ago on my dirt bike.That was before I knew anything about 928.I would have gone right by and not known how close I was.Who would have guessed.I'll bet Tom walked down the wash and did not he was close.
If the cameras went with the canopy,they must be alot closer to Ray's ejection point.That's rough country.

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