ATV tracks for everyone

Message posted by Scott on November 09, 2002 at 20:07:47 PST:

I did find a nice six-point set of deer antlers, as a matter of fact. And the carcass of a gopher tortise. I covered quite a bit of ground on foot, with rest periods to ponder the error of my ways. At least the weather was nice, in the 60s, cloudy, some sprinkles of rain, believe it or not. Much better than my last trip out in August, during which I sucked a 100-ounce Camelbak dry, and that was before noon. The debris from 928 is widely scattered, and I mean WIDELY. The A-12/SR-71 airframe type had a tendency to break up in the air when they got a little yaw and pitch going--the air would literally tear them apart. The titanium skins were extremely strong, but extremely thin... Inherantly unstable beasts, they were. They tended to break apart into engine and cockpit sections, from what research I've done and evidence I've seen. I found pieces from both the cockpit and engines. A few compressor vanes. I consider myself lucky, but I was persistent. Stupidly persistent. Monty Python persistent.

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