Re: NOT SO mysterious Sonic Booms in Florida

Message posted by Magoo on November 04, 2002 at 17:03:48 PST:

...unless the "flyboy" didn't report it or didn't even notice it!

When I had my F/A-18 flight, the pilot just decided to slip through the sound barrier - he didn't have to log the fact before or after the flight. There was little or no sensation of exceeding Mach 1, and the pilot who may have caused the Florida booms may not have even noticed it if it was a momentary thing. If he did notice but noone questionned him about it, he may just be keeping it to himself.

It's not like there's a 'big brother' watching every single move an aircraft makes, and if they accidentally go a few mph over the sound barrier for a few seconds, a ground based ATC radar operator isn't necessarily going to pick that fact up.

Geez guys, just because someone denies it or decides not to look into it, doesn't automatically mean that something 'black' or alien caused the booms!

Aaron, not many things make me nuts...


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