Re: Comdex is boring - any ideas?

Message posted by Richard on November 04, 2002 at 10:06:13 PST:

I have spoken to my wife about this - and she recalls it was in fact the Alamo Sheriff as you state.

We were driving a 4.6HSE Range Rover at the time, which we hired in Los Angeles - as it is the same vehicle I own in the UK and I also race an early version of the the same vehicle with a 3.9Litre V8. So I was just doing what comes natural over here while racing.

We thought that the dirt track was off the normal highway and it was actually great fun seeing the dust trail as you see in the movies. But I will show caution the next time.

Bald Mountain sounds like a fun thing to try - but I reckon I would rather a run in with the Sheriff than a military helicopter :-)

As we will be hiring a vehicle in Las Vegas this time, would you recommend any good maps to purchase? Also my wife has asked about something called the Spires of the Moon - whatever that may be - I think she saw it in a movie once. The only thing I can think of that she may mean in the Lunar lanscape north of Rachel by about 100 miles...

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