Re: Comdex is boring - any ideas?

Message posted by Richard on November 04, 2002 at 6:05:43 PST:

Sheesh - I never knew.

The officer was quite polite, he actually stopped us about 1 mile up the main highway after we had come off the dirt track. He said that he had watched us come up from the main gate area and was asking us was we had been doing. We told him we had come for the day from Vegas and we had been buying souveniers from the Inn.

He told us that he could tell from the distance we had covered while he was watching that we had gone over about 65mph (as I recall I reached about 80) and that was not the done thing. He also mentioned that it was restricted area and that we could be arrested for trespassing if we crossed into certain areas that were not marked. He suggested that we be VERY careful and that we stick to looking from a distance.

He did not request to see anything more than my ID - and my passport seemed to cover his needs - I don't recall him taking any notes - so hopefully no black markers for me.

He then changed tack and he had a friendly conversation about the area with my wife about the old mine and the local Cacti and such like.

He was quite polite though, no real issues - but told us to keep the speed down in future, and mentioned the fact that the high patrol have speed detection in the front of their vehicles to check the speed of you as you approach them - which we do not have in the UK.

Not a bad experience, but an informative one.

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