Black aircraft

Message posted by Paul on November 03, 2002 at 19:58:42 PST:

I saw a plane in late summer 1995 fly over our farm,25 miles west of Rockford IL.The plane came out of the west at about 2000-2500 ft and was heading straight east.It was long,as long or longer than the SR-71,black in color.The front half looked alot like the blackbird,the plane had a delta wing,their were no nasells on the wings or under the wings.It looked like something on the top of the planes body,like an engine inlet.The exhaust was in the middle of the planes rear.Their were no vertical control surfaces from the planes bodey or wings,but something short was sticking up in the middle of the plane at the rear but I'm not sure how far forward it went.This plane made no noise,none.I only saw this plane for 2-3 seconds.
I talked with someone at Tester models at the time,and only a hand full of people had seen this plane,like anywhere. Does anyone have some sketches or pictures to jog my memory?
Thanks, Paul


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