Re: Albany - New York sighting

Message posted by slick on October 30, 2002 at 16:38:51 PST:

After a *closer* examination, it also could very well be a HARM and possibly a SHRIKE (missile body a bit small for a SHRIKE I feel). Pretty darn right dangerous with a jet engine near by if it was a Sparrow. This is another reason I'm leaning a bit torward a HARM, because we did not see a smokin' hole in the jet airliner (if of course the Sparrow was close enough for heat track). Thank God this did not happen!! Either way, one of the three listed 7R, HARM or SHRIKE is a good bet! I also feel STRONGLY this is NOT any type of surface to air missile of any sort, alas, no terrorist threat, it is definately an air to air weapon type platform

Also, take a look at the missile as it enters (behind)the lower portion of a cloud. Another good way to gather some depth perception on this missile flight.


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