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Message posted by gary on December 27, 2000 at 22:58:03 EST:

You can do all but Powerlines Overlook with a car. Driving to the TTR requires putting one tire on the hump in the middle of the road at places. For Tickaboo, just quit about a quarter mile before it gets hairy.

On this web site (DLR), you can find photos from Powerline Overlook.

I was driving the ET highway and discovered Joerg parked on Queen City Summit watching the birds.

The standard disclaimer about getting stranded applies to all remote locations (Powerlines Overlook, Tikaboo, TTR, and Reveille). I would say Groom Road and Cedar Pass Road are pretty safe. If you break down, a passing cammo dude might help you, but I don't know for sure. They might just report you as stranded to the Licoln County Sherif. There are ranchers who driving down Cedar Pass, and the TTR guards will talk to you according to posts on this forum, so I think Cedar Pass is fine.

Bring water, medical kit, water, tire repair kit, water, air pump, water, flashlight, water, and sunscreen. Did I mention water?

There is analog cellphone service in Alamo, which I could hit from Tikaboo. Verizon doesn't work in Tonopah, so you are on your own at brainwash butte. My understanding is Tonopah at AT&T analog cell phone service.

One thing note mentioned on these web sites, but I would suggest bringing something to read. Often you have to wait for something to happen.

Regarding "facilities", there is the Little Alien, the restaurant in Alamo, a rest station near the TTR on highway 6, and of course a handy bush.

You can also watch the planes fly at Nellis. There is a dirt road that is near the runway according to one of the contributors on the milcom list. I haven't found this spot yet, but I have parked at the fence of Nellis and watched from there.

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