Albany - New York sighting

Message posted by JL on October 29, 2002 at 20:48:24 PST:

Did anyone see the FOX footage of the "missile" that was captured by a FOX photographer today? I caught the end of story and saw the footage on the FOX station out of Dallas, Tx. The photographer was at a large airport (I have forgotten which one) when he noticed a long object (he stated hundreds of feet) and turned his camera towards the object. Whatever it was is was definitely long and moving very fast. To me it looked like a long dark cigarette with four small wings. The news stated there was an Air Force base near by in Albany and that if it was a missile a serious mistake must have been made since it flew right over this airport. I tried going to the Albany FOX affiliates web site but could not open it. My connection is not fast enough to keep searching till I find the pic. If you can find them they are good freeze frame pics and I would assume some one on this board could identify what it is.


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