Re: b2 radio intercepts

Message posted by gary on October 24, 2002 at 12:59:16 PST:

I'd suggest looking at the milcom and milair lists at You could read the logs at

It might help if you were more specific about the incident, such as location and time. If you monitor GHFS, nearly every plane has some problem, which is stated as "alpha" plus a number. If the incident in question made it to "in flight emergency" status, it is likely someone might have made a recording, though not as likely with HF versus VHF for a few reasons. First, computers make lots of noise that interferes with weak HF signals. Most people turn off the PC to listen to HF, though doing both is not impossible if the antenna and PC have a bit of distance between them and a RF balun plus shielded cable is used. The other reason few HF recordings are made is that it is very difficult to squelch HF since the signal levels on shortwave are subject to wide variation during a QSO. Thus the recording would either have long gaps in the audio making the wav file large, or the poster would have to edit the audio gaps by hand.

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