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Well, the people who have actually worked there (or still do) don't talk much about the base. Not even to their spouses, who in many cases have only a vague idea where their husbands work while they are stationed at Groom. I know several people who have worked there, not neccessarily from my time in Rachel. None of them has ever told me anything that IMHO would compromise any security concerns, nor would I ever ask them to.

I agree that there are a lot of people who know through friends/partners that there is something going on at Groom Lake. Enough to make it no longer possible to deny the existance of the base (well, besides the fact that you can climb a hill and see it...)

But the Government does an excellent job making it clear to them that it would not be wise to talk. I know that some of the former workers would love to talk about it, but the prospect of spending the rest of their life in jail, and loosing their military pension is quite effective.

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