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following exhaustive efforts I have uncoevred the following the report. still nowhere near finding it though! I hope this will help you (please read my previous post!)

Source: Daily Express - London

Date: 20th July 1996.

Dreamland - Area 51

An outstanding British television documentary crew recently travelled to
the United States to conduct an in-depth investigation into the top secret
USAF Nevada facility known as Area 51. The Groom Lake base has also been
tagged 'Dreamland' by UFO enthusiasts, convinced that recovered alien
spacecraft are being housed there for 'backengineering' purposes.

Dreamland is the appropriately named title of a unique two-part
television documentary made by top British TV producer Bruce Burgess and his team
from Trans Media Productions Limited, London. It will be broadcast on Sky
Television in two one hour segments on 24-25 September. Accompanying Bruce
was acclaimed war cameraman Sebastian Rich.

Burgess and his team climbed a 7,000ft summit to spy on the world's most secret base. He
says: "We climbed for hours in the heat carrying our secret
weapon - a 26 mile zoom camera lens, the most powerful in the world.

"We were told about aliens and saucers, sightings and contact but I approached the
project with enormous scepticism. I did, however, very quickly appreciate from previous
research that something was definitely going on at Area 51 but what I learned there
dumbfounded me. We could see in the hazy distance a ramshackle collection of hangars
baking beneath the desert sun. It didn't look like much more than a small landing base.

"Walking across was out of the question, we would be detected instantly as the base was
guarded by attack helicopters, armed guards and sensors triggered by motion, microwave
and perspiration."


Burgess decided to get closer to the installation by a means that no one had previously
dared contemplate - he would fly over the base.

"We could only find one pilot bold enough to fly into the forbidden territory," he says.
"By the time we had got within a mile of the hangars in our crop spraying Cessna, two
F-16 fighter jets screamed past on both sides.

Any nearer and the jet wash would have sent us spinning down. We had no option but to
fly out of there - fast. But we had our mission to complete and so we spent months
observing the base.

"We quickly discovered that there was more to it than just a few hangars.

Every morning, a dozen Boeing 737s depart from Las Vegas, 70 miles away, for
Area 51's runway. They disgorged almost 2,000 personnel. The men only reappear for their
transport home but we were told that none of what we saw existed and were harassed
rebuffed and redirected at every turn."

The film crew discovered that the workers operated in a subterranean operations centre
'which would make James Bond movies look positively low budget.' "Best of all," adds
Burgess, "despite the testimonies of a string of former employees and senior military
officers - not to mention all of the above being faithfully recorded on film - the US
government insists none of it even exists. Why the secrecy?"

Dreamland will feature credible and incredible statements from unbelievable and
believable characters, ranging from Bob Lazar to attributed quotes from former deputy
director of the CIA, Admiral Bobby Ray Inman; from a 70 year old man who claimed to have
worked with an alien technical advisor called Jarod for 15 years, to former Apollo 14
astronaut Captain Edgar Mitchell.

Burgess says:" If, two years ago, anyone had told me I would one day have a
healthy belief in the existence of aliens, I would, quite frankly, have laughed out
loud. "Yet now I have no doubts, I've seen a thriving base that the US government
denies. I've heard the testimonies of sane and plain speaking scientists, I've spoken to

"Now I know that, in our world, here and now, the US government is recreating
extraordinary spacecraft. And that the technology used is derived entirely from the
discovery of flying saucers which have crashed on this planet. Yes, I believe in

Sebastian Rich is a former ITN cameraman who was reporter Martin Bell's favourite
war-zone companion and the veteran of three decades of front-line reporting. Rich has
seen a great deal and is not easily hoodwinked. He says: "We all thought it was
nonsense when the idea first came up. I've heard of flying saucers and aliens but
dismissed it, naturally. To me, a believer in such things was always to be seen as
barking mad.

"But I have become convinced that the US government has these discs."


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