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Thanks to Joerg for actually staying on topic and answering my questions!!

Just because workers go there, it doesn'y necessarily mean top secret projects are going on. it means they are working in a top secret base. I bet it is a more mundane set of operations.

Lets do a quick calculation. All figures used are ESTIMATES. The numbers in each bracket are the gradual accumulation of calculations and represent people who MUST know about the base but do NOT work there. The number at the end will be a BARE minimum, but its still interesting. I will try to keep the numbers down (ie estimating a quater of workers have a brother or sister. It is most probably a much higher number!)

2000 people work there. lets assume HALF of all these people are married or have a partner
now lets say EACH person who works at the base has three close friends AND for each of the people who are married, their partners all have three close friends.
just for arguments sake, lets also assume that a quater of workers have ONE brother/sister, and EACH of these brothers/sisters has three close friends.

now lets assume HALF of workers has two living parents


and a quater has one living parent


and each of these parents has- you got it- three friends

(20,500) added to the workers (22,500)

You can see the picture I am building. Just considering each workers brother/sister, mum/dad and close friends, it generates over twenty thousand people who MUST know SOMETHING about the base. It could go on forever- each of the three friends must have friends...the JANET pilots each have friends and so on.

And after all this time (this number must have been higher during the 50's-80's) not ONE of the hundreds of thousands of people have told ANYTHING. Except Bob Lazar.

Interesting, huh?

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