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Thanks for bringing up some interesting questions. Here are my $0.02:

1. The general public learned about Area 51 through the Bob Lazar story in 1989, who claimed to have worked there on UFO's.
Some folks used to hang out there even prior to that. I guess they heard about weird stuff going on there from friends that were involved in the projects.

2. I understand that when DC Day founded Rachel he had little interest in Area 51. The original residents were mostly miners who worked in the Lincoln tungsten mine, a few miles north of Rachel.

3. Up until 1995 the existance of Area 51 was flat out denied. That year the government addmitted to having an "operating facility near Groom Lake, NV". Which is still the only official statement that you will get about the Groom Lake base.

4. Probably to make it harder to distinguish between military and civilian personnel as well as ranks.

5. I hear the pay is not too hot. However, there is a financial incentive if you stay at the base for the whole week instead of flying home each night. They have living quarters there, as well as various recreation facilities.

6. On the Janets as well. See #4.

7. If I told you that I'd have to kill you... ;-)

8. Because it would be harrassment or worse?

9. I am sure that there are secret projects going on right now. Here is why: On any given weekday you can drive up to the Janet terminal here in Vegas and see well over 1000 vehicles parked there. About half the Janets go to TTR, the other half to Groom. That makes well over 500 workers that are paid doing something at Groom on any given day. Considering the base is not involved in the aerial war games in the area, and there is not much aircraft traffic going in and out (other than the Janets) a function as R&D facility with occasional test flights seems likely.
Over the last few years a lot of radar sites, many of them Soviet, and other electronic gadgets have been set up around Area 51. This could indicate that they are working on new stealth, or possibly counter stealth technologies.

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