Re: Fake ? Aurora ? Chuck Clark leave chuck alone

Message posted by neral on October 11, 2002 at 11:11:27 PST:

No Offence, aaron, but your post is just ridiculous.
Telling such a story could make some 'problems'.Not only the gov would like get such a video. I guess Chuck knows that. So why tell that story in the first place?
BTW, the gov would not confiscate the video, it would
simply 'disappear'.Chuck couldn't do a thing about it.
And, no, they won't hurt him in any way.That would compromise the whole thing. If they like to have the video, they get it anyway.
And about national security issues:Such a 'Hot' video in the hands of a privat citizen is indeed a risk.
Some other bad guys may like to have it. Would the gov
allow that ??
Chuck made himself an interesting person by claiming
he has an Aurora video.He didn't really expect to be left alone, did he?
I did not ask him to publish anything! Read my post!
A YES or a NO would have had the SAME VALUE as his video claims - You can believe him or not.
So what's the problem ?


PS: Boomer will tell us the whole story next week.

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