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If you get the DVD I put in the link section, it has a short video made by US News and World Report called "Ace Factor". This 45 minute movie covers Red Flag to some degree, including the electronic playback done to review the performance of the planes/teams. It also covers the live fire at Tyndal (sp) in Florida. The US News and World Report video looks much older than the 1995 date of the video.

The planes have cameras, so that may be where the source of the video. The threats have cameras on them as you can see from my SA photos. Bill Whifflin (sp) told me that one time the threat operator was watching him photograph a plane that didn't show up on his radar, but seeing Bill taking photos, the operator used his camera, found the plane and made the kill. This was told to Bill while at the Little Alien from the threat operator. Incidentally, those guys are Lockheed-Martin employees and not military personel.

The TTR has a camera station that shows up on their maps. I think it is designed for plane evaluation purposes rather than Red Flag. I only watched Red Flag once from Brainwash, but on that occasion no planes flew near the camera station. Rather, they flew over S-4.

If you read the contracts for Red Flag, one contractor is supposed to maintain a library of the electronic results of Red Flag at a location not on Nellis AFB. This may be what is held in the Greystone building on Flamingo. Anyway, this review may take place off base.

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