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The trick is to read Tom's article about six times and separate out the information for each of the airplanes. Then, using maps and even the pictures in the article, make a guess about where the A12 is. Read the article a couple more times and see if anything contradicts your guess.

Take a copy of the article and anything else you have with you. There is a mention of a pyramidal fire pit on this site. Somehow, while looking for the F15, it got into my head that that was Tom's camp site and I wasted a lot of time there looking over the edge. The only thing I found there was a very angry rattlesnake. Don't rely on memory.

Somewhere on this site it mentions ATV tracks to the A12 but I thought that was kind of cheating and went straight to my guess. Nothing there.

But there was foil higher up the hill. On the other side were some aircraft pushbutton switches of a kind I have never seen before (even though I've worked on large planes for 20 years). There is no place for wires but there is a hole which is threaded halfway through. Pushing the switch cuts blocks the hole. Early fibre optic switching? The outside is covered with more of that foil/fibreglass material. A storm cut off my searching time but I was definitely close to the main debris field. Next March I'll go again.

The roads from Carp to the unknown aircraft and the F4 have been closed to motor vehicles by BLM. If you want to find these planes you will need to hike or mountainbike in.

Tom, if you read this, you have the Conan Doyle trick of sneaking in important clues as insignificant facts. Ever consider writing mysteries? Anyway thanks for a lot of fun.

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