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Message posted by DaveB on October 06, 2002 at 12:36:47 PST:

Looks like it could be a radio repeater. That top most "hat" looks like a UHF antenna (inside a protective cover). The "skirt" would be the groundplane. That looks like a coax cable going to the small junction box under the skirt. The two dishes may be for receive and transmit. It may be cheaper or more reliable that diplexing both on the same dish.

The frequencies for the signals from/to the dishes is probably well above 2 gHz. and the UHF would most likely be so intermittant that you could have easily missed any transmission.

The rules state that all remote radio sites are to have a placard identifying the owner and other pertinent data. If you didn't see any such placard then it's probably military. The rules are for everyone else. :-)

My best guess would be that it's a Remote Communications Outlet for Nellis AFB. Are you sure the dishes point to Pioche? It could be Ash Springs or vicinity where connection could be made to a landline (copper or fiber) to Las Vegas and Nellis. The telco out there has been installing new underground cable along Hiway 93 for the past few years.


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