Area-51... What else? ;-)

Message posted by Miklos on September 29, 2002 at 13:10:05 PST:

Hi everybody.
First of all,I'd say that the website is the best I've ever seen!!!!
Well,the reason,why I began to write this message to the discussion forum,is that in a few months,I'll visit in the States,and finally I want to see those places,which I often see - unfortunately only at the Internet.:-(
My question(s) is,that is there 'experienced' person,who could 'organize' me a 'sightseeing'? :-))) (I could even pay something,if neccessary!)
Or is there any meeting of those people who provide those nice pics at this website?If yes,is that possible to join them?
I'd appreciate if someone could answer these questions!
All the best,Miklos from Budapest,Hungary (Europe)


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