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Message posted by gary on September 28, 2002 at 11:56:02 PST:

I recall some dirt paths that headed further towards the "action", but didn't see anyone venture down them. The border at this location is very unusual since it actually crosses the highway, so even hanging out at the edge of the road is being on their territory. [This is based on topo maps, not county assessor records.]

I'm not positive this is the kind of even where being close buys you that much unless you want to see the airplanes fly at a closer range. [Just see a Red Flag for that kind of action.] Have you seen those fake bombing runs they do at air shows where the plane goes over the field and the explosives are set off? That is really a wide field type of event, i.e. you want the plane and explosives in the same frame if possible. So some invited person can shoot it in a 50mm and you have to shoot in with a 400mm. Actually, I was planning on doing mostly video.

There is one exception where being close makes a difference is when taking photographs of gun ships. I don't know if they bring a spooky, but I did see a photo of an A10 shooting its gun at Capstone and there is very visible smoke. You wouldn't see that from the distance.

One thing for sure, if you are in those bleachers at Capstone, your photography will suffer due to the motion of people shaking the bleachers.

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