Stargate A51 references

Message posted by Magoo on September 26, 2002 at 16:39:03 PST:

On last night's episode of Stargate (yeah, I know...), there was a few references to Area 51. They launched the 'X-302' out of there (to save the world...again). Now, you'd think they'd know that Area 51 was in the desert, right? So, when they showed this X-302 taking off, you'd think they would make the special effects with a desert backdrop, right? But nooooo! There were green hills and stands of trees everywhere. Also, there were camouflaged T-38s all over the ramp as well!

Now, I'm a MacGyver fan from way back, and I know shows starring Richard Dean Anderson aren't exactly known for their reality, but geez, how much does it take to get something like that right?????????

Anyway, who pulled the plug from the wall on the forum? Why's it been so quiet here lately?



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