a12 site

Message posted by gary on September 15, 2002 at 20:44:34 PST:

I paid the A12 crash site a visit and noticed fresh ATV tracks. This time they were from directional tires, leaving a distinctive "V" in the soft soil. [Maybe CSI should stand for Crash Scene Investigator.]

I found a few chaff packs nearby , but can't say if they are related to the crash or not. I doubt an A12 would carry chaff since the plane is not likely to encounter any other planes at its cruising altitude, so it doesn't need flares or chaff. [Just my guess.] There is quite a lot of USAF debris in the desert just from training exercises, such as chaff, pieces of flares, etc. I took photos of titanium painted black on one side, i.e. the skin of the plane, so this particular wash may be the point of impact. It is really hard to say for sure.


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