one memorable momment while observing red flag

Message posted by aaron johnson on September 14, 2002 at 16:19:40 PST:

I didnt want to further bog down the DLR discussion forum but since things had quieted down for now !.

There was a guest with me and chuck on coyote summit. The guest had asked what does an f-16 look like. I told him wait a little bit and i'll show one to you. prevousily on most of the blue team flyby's f-16's had
gone by the summit!. Well about 5 min's later an f-16 flew practically right over us, oh it was great i was laughin so hard, it was hiliarious, at the timing of the f-16 showing up.

Then an f-16 (same one ?) about 10 minutes later came right over us, this time, front on. Then I said, "now you have seen the back and front of an f-16 does that answer your question" !.

oh! you had to be there, to really enjoy the experience!, it was classic.

Aaron J.


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