Re: hey joe dont worry they're just goofing around

Message posted by aaron johnson on September 08, 2002 at 14:29:17 PST:

Joerg mentioned on the redflag portion of the site that once in while the hotshots will goof around with on lookers. They like the pic's sent to them, of them flying around and you became a target of opptunity that's all.

Gee wonder if you were bombed by a GPS guided bomb or maverick 65 infra red, simulated of course. Just it's in the fun of it with these guys and it's only real chance they get, to spread their wings sort of speak watch and enjoy the show!

While I was up on coyote summit with chuck and some others on different days we got buzzed by two different times twice by an f-16 and overhead by f-111 right over us which I got on tape. I think chuck said these were the school F-16s or agressor. These could be the guys or guy in your case that does check the range for weather conditions, before operations begin.

In one communication I think they know we're at coyote, on scanner I heard on scanner, hostiles at bearing and mileage according to chuck is the coordinates for coyote. In my understanding I think that tells them we're there so, they know to give us a show I could be wrong, but regardless, it was great!.

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