final report, bingo financial resources and bad weather

Message posted by Aaron johnson on September 06, 2002 at 22:34:28 PST:

looked like thunder storms were hanging around coyote and bullseye and my finances were getting tight didnt know excatly how much needed for this is my first next time will be even better so I decided to return home!

As I tanked up near nellis. I decided to check out any activity going on. I was on the HWY 15 side of Nellis and saw a 3 ship formation of f-15's doing a break formation landing, really neat, got the last guy on turning and putting down the gear. Approx 5 mins later a 2 ship formation of a-10's departed for bullseye and probably caused a lot of havoc upon arrival.

well that's it chuck and gary it's up to you now!
aaron j, bingo and out of the game, sob sob :(


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