Re: Photos of Walter Ray's impact site

Message posted by Bob on September 05, 2002 at 21:58:59 PST:

No Joerg
You are correct about ILC.The 100 degree radial of that VORTAC is not where Ray was.As you have seen,if there was a TACAN on Mt.Irish,a 100 degree radial would be close to the impact point.Also TPH VORTAC is a possibility although it is 160 miles away.
Aircraft instrument VOR deviation is +- 3 degrees.
The rule of thumb is one degree equals one mile in 60 miles.So Ray's VOR receiver could have been off 3 degrees and that could mean a few miles depending on the distance to the VOR.Also the upper level winds could have caused him to drift after he ejected.
Maybe we should get the accident report just to clear up the unknowns.

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