Red Flag yee'haa a good show so far!

Message posted by Aaron Johnson on September 05, 2002 at 12:36:25 PST:

yesterday would have been very dispointing for magoo sorry to report as soon as the f-111's got on range they had to immediately regenerate heard on the scanner f111's were killed. lot of good flyby's at coyote summit f-16's f-15's b-1's. first session of the day sounded like on the scanner 1 of 2 israel fighter jocks got his goose cooked heard something to the effect of "lead he's on my 5" then heard burners and an sonic boom!

later afternoon in 2nd seesion one of spectators asked what an f-16 looked like approx 5 to 10 mins later his request was answerd an f-16 doing NOE flew over us at coyote summit he got a real good rear view and approx 15 to 30 mins later he got a good front view.

Today early in the morning saw a b-2 out an about. local resident said b-2 flew over rachel, 1st session heard some helicopters first. Didnt see flying really low, then some f-16s came over coyote then followed by b-1's, approx 5 mins later f-111's being pursued by f-15's then approx 7 to 10 minutes later tornados being chased by f-16's. Did get video of all craft an f-111 came over us on coyote summit banked 90 degree to the right got him on video too. boy those f-111's sure were in hurry to get some where!


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