Re: Photos of Walter Ray's impact site

Message posted by Bob on September 04, 2002 at 16:44:12 PST:

Tacans like Vortacs use magnetic radials.The 000 degree radial is based on magnetic North so on a navigational chart this tic will be skewed by the amount of deviation between true North and magnetic North.The variation at Bald Mountain is 15 degrees East.That means the difference between a true North line and a magnetic North line is 15 degrees.So if you draw a true course line of 100 degrees from Baldy,it would take you 15 degrees North of a 100 degree radial.Radial are magnetic.Plot the 100 radial from Baldy and you will be way South of Ray's impact point.
I agree that having a navigation facility on Baldy would greatly extend the useful range by virtue of its elevation.ILC VOR[Wilson Creek] sits on Mount Wilson NNE of Pioche at 9306 ft MSL.It is useful a long distance because of its elevation.
I too have played with 100 radials from existing VORs and imaginary ones.None come close so I wonder if Ray's position report was correct.
Something to think about.

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