Re: Photos of Walter Ray's impact site

Message posted by gary on September 04, 2002 at 0:27:01 PST:

I plugged the 100 degree radial from Bald Mountain into a computer based map. A perpendicular line from this vector to the Cherokee Mine is 1.5 miles, with the vector south of the mine.

You could also just run a vector from Bald Mountain to the Cherokee Mine and get an angle of 99 degrees.

I'm using true, not magnetic, which may not be correct.

Doing a quick search on Tacan freqs, we have:
In the X mode of operation, the TACAN settransmits on one of 126 discrete channel frequencies(which are 1-MHz apart) from 962 to 1024 MHz andfrom 1151 to 1213 MHz. In the Y mode of operation,the set transmits on one of 126 discrete channelfrequencies (which are 1-MHz apart) within the rangeof 1025 to 1150 MHz. The navigation set receiver,operating in the 1025- to 1150-MHz range for boththe X and Y modes, is always displaced 63 MHz fromthe transmitter frequency.

At those frequencies, I think the Tacan could not be at ground level given the terrain of base, so it would make sense that it is on one of the hills. I've only encountered one Tacan in the flesh. It is on Mount Tamalpais in Marin County at the JSS (Joint Surveillance System). I've been told mountain tops are typical for tacans, i.e they are not always at the airport.

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