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Message posted by Andreas Parsch on August 22, 2002 at 14:30:12 PST:

I agree that the glint is big - obviously too big for a curved surface.

Unfortunately I'm not a photography expert. However, I have read that the optical system inside a camera (which is between "reality" and what you eventually see on your photo) can play all kinds of tricks, especially when working at the limits of the system - as in very long range photos of small objects.

I admit that I'm unable to come up with a specific explanation how such a large reflection can result from an F-16 canopy. I just think that Occam's Razor is slightly in favour of the "F-16 Hypothesis" (considering an unexplained relection in an F-16 photo vs. a completely unknown aircraft looking _a lot_ like a tailless F-16 with a modified canopy).

Anyway, I'm not claiming absolute knowledge ;-). I guess you also looked at the aircraft through binoculars, and therefore know better what you saw than anyone else here. So if you say you're sure it _wasn't_ an F-16, I won't argue against that.


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