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Message posted by gary on August 18, 2002 at 17:07:30 PST:

I've mananged to get some photos of the Predator in the air, but they are of poor quality. What you really want to do is hang out and wait for them to land or take off. When I took the NTS tour and drove by in their bus, there were 2 predators on the runway and one in the air, nice and close. Of course, you can't take a camera on the NTS tour so I missed a perfect photo op.

When Hank and I were at Indian Springs for the Stealth Capstone, there were some weird blue su-27s (maybe) parked off in the distance. There were three of these blue birds present.

I think to see anything other than a Predator or the T-birds, you would have to make repeated visits to the base. I've driven past Indian Springs at least half a dozen times and the blue bird shot was the only interesting photo. If you want to see the runway from the road, stop off at the side of the road near the first gate to the base when heading from Vegas. BTW, security had stopped me once when taking photographs from the fence next to the base, but never from across the highway.

Indian Springs is one of the reasons the NTS was located where it is today. Before Mercury was built, the NTS workers stayed at Indian Springs. The airfield made it easy to get supplies to the base, especially from LANL. If you go to the public reading room at the NTS site in North Las Vegas, they will give you a book on the history of the NTS, which talks a bit about Indian Springs.

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