Re: just returned from helendale

Message posted by gary on August 16, 2002 at 22:13:35 PST:

The front of the planes certainly look similar, but you are right about the lack of vertical stabilizers. Of course, reducing the tail is part of stealth, so maybe this is the updated "sharc".

What would be nice is if the next person who visits Helendale checks to see if the plane has been moved, assuming somebody from LockMart saw the photo on the net. The panoramic I provided shows where the plane is located. To see it, you need to drive past the fence and take the first road to the left, pass the dump on the right, then get to the trash heap by the fence on the left. It is an obvious high spot on that side of the fence. From that location you can see the plane under the transformer mounted near the two power poles. I really don't think security will bother anyone.

Anyway, if the plane has been moved then either:
1) somebody goofed by leaving it exposed and has corrected their mistake
2) the scrap metal guy came by

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