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Message posted by gary on August 16, 2002 at 12:48:30 PST:

This is getting a bit chatty and not exactly area 51 related. I put my email address in the link if you want to contact me.

To keep it short, there are no portable trunking scanners that cover the military airband. Some military bases are trunked (such as the page I put in the link for Edwards), but most are edacs with astro, so you will not hear anything but digital noise. When the Uniden 785 and/or 250D come out, this may not be the case. The 250D is supposed to be a portable version of the 785 (which will have military airb), but I seriously doubt the 250D will have military air since none of the current portables have this feature.

If you are really concerned about trunking and military air in one radio, get the Uniden bc780xlt or wait for the bc785xlt and/or the bc250d. My personal opinion is just get two scanners. If you are at the Edwards airshow, you will want one scanner on the trunk system and another for whatever is flying.

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