just returned from helendale

Message posted by Aaron johnson on August 15, 2002 at 23:58:21 PST:

Checked out that supposedly suspicious white hyper sonic aircraft which im now convinced is a tarp of some type over something. Only stayed 30 sec's they had immediately dispatched security since increased security, 911 etc. Didnt want to hang arouund and find out if they got new procedures. Also on a map i have of the area there is another airport located NN/W of the helendale that we all know of. Interesting no tower or asphalt runways of the like. Did see maybe natural terrain looking like type of runway, but nothing to really distinguish it as an airport, could have been abandoned. When time and resources allow I will further.. explore! One final note at this ghost airport there were some buildings like maybe used for ILS (instrument landing system)for you non pilot types.

This area will need to be explored as to it's exact nature the map im using is only 3 years old!.


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