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Message posted by gary on August 15, 2002 at 18:34:36 PST:

Most scanners start around 25MHz, though some will go lower using single conversion. [You can't scan any lower than the second intermediate frequency of 10.7Mhz with double conversion.) Anyway, most scanners leave a hole in the military air band and by law a hole in the analog cellular band.

Leaving out the airband might be a design compromise. The band from 174 to 216 is for TV channels 7 to 13, and I suspect the scanners do some prefiltering to knock out these really strong TV channels. If you want to scan military air, then additional fitering would be needed, or switched off in a cheaper design. I can't think of any other design constraints.

I can vouch that the Sony SC1PC gets some TV based intermod in it military airband reception in urban areas. Around Rachel, this is not a problem.

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