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Message posted by Magoo on August 15, 2002 at 15:15:30 PST:

Good pick up guys. It's certainly a good example of what is being built these days at front line air bases.

It's curious that they have gone to so much trouble to build these 'stealthy' hangars in Qatar, seeing as the Iraqi air force doesn't really represent much of a threat these days. Perhaps they are also designed to defend against possible attacks from another potential "axis of evil" enemy...Iran perhaps???

The bases in Qatar, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain are being expanded since Saudi denied the use of any of their bases for combat missions against Iraq, although recon and other 'support' style missions are still allowed. Certainly once this is all over, there will be a great infrastructure legacy left for these small states!

The pre-positioned brigade equipment is also interesting, as I've never actually seen a picture, aerial or otherwise, of such a storage site. From memory, a US Brigade is about 4-5000 personnel in size. Therefore, at this site would be dozens of tanks, Bradleys, artillery pieces and ammunition, plus camouflage netting, field hospitals, comms gear, and support vehicles such as trucks and recovery vehicles etc. All the army has to do is arrive with their backpacks and M-16s on C-5s and C-17s or chartered commercial aircraft, and drive out a couple of days later at full strength!

Desert Storm took almost 5 months to build up to, but any future conflict in the region could happen within a matter of weeks or even days, as most or all of the heavy equipment is either already 'in theatre', or not far away on ships at Diego Garcia. All you need is the personnel!


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