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Message posted by Rocketfox on August 14, 2002 at 18:45:46 PST:

Stealth runways? Been there, seen that.

Do a Google search on Camouflage { I posted this link some time ago reference something else} and you will find a photo of the Lockheed Works, camouflaged into a suburban scene during the Second World War.

Now I know what you're giong to say, " but with multi-spectral imaging..." Well you can fool that, too. One thing I noticed about the photos on Global security were that the runways were what defined the base. Had the coloured the material to closely resemble the surrounding terrain it would have blended into the scenery nearly invisibly.

We know of cases where that has been done optically, that art is old. we also know that there are "dummy" vehicles in existance that have small hearters placed where the engines would go, to simulate heat sources to spoof thermal imaging. With enough time and desire, you can duplicate any detecable source you choose, or conceal the same from prying eyes.

Time & Desire. I'm sure there's some facilities someplace that do not appear readily, that logic follows a natural progression that just plain makes sense.

I seem to recall that there's reports of North Korean airfields that are concealed in mountains, runways & all. For that matter, it's not a stretch to think that an aircraft catapault system could be placed in a closed environment like that, where the length would readily compensate for the fact that it's non-moving.

I also seem to recall some of the Taiwan defense systems that are protected in a similar fashion on that island.

It's not as far-fetched as one would think.

Heck, there's sections of Groom that are not easily observable that could very well conceal facilities that are built into the hills, that predate the realesed overhead photots. That being the case, an observer would see no external change.

Were I looking for a stealth hangae though, first place I'd look is at White Sands, out on one of the test ranges. After all, these things are not designed in a vacuum.. On the other hand, it all may be based on CAD design, and this IS the field test..

All I do know is that when I looked at the original photos, the hangars were hard to see in the first place, and it was the runways that gave it away. that too, is fixable.


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