Message posted by Russ on August 07, 2002 at 14:36:59 PST:

A few things confuse me about these so called 'Stealth Blimps'. Firstly if they are only a cargo blimp. I understand there are some cargo thats you can't fit into a C-5 or C-17. But why keep it a secret?
If they only travel at five times the speed of a surface vessel, why should they need to be stealthy (That is if they are stealthy).
Also if they are 600ft long as stated in the article, where could they keep them without people seeing them? Even from Tikaboo Peak I'm sure you could see one, simply because of it's size. Certainly a lot bigger than a Janet 737!

I'm not convinced that whatever it is, if anything, that it isn't a cargo blimp. I believe airships have been over Bosnia to look for land mines, maybe there is some kind of recon role for the so called 'Stealth Blimp'?

Who knows!

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