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Message posted by Hal on August 07, 2002 at 9:35:49 PST:

For Magoo, et al:

As a somewhat humorous aside, in late 1999, as I was shutting down my DoD computer system and preparing for retirement, there was mention of one of these craft--a smaller version, 150 feet long or so--that appeared on a list of things that the DoD was planning to auction off. As I was reviewing the info--my password was still active--the material was immediately withdrawn from that network (can't remember the name of that site, but it had to do with govt excess property). I got a call later that day concerning my logon to that site and my interest in the craft, but since I had worked on a related project, I didn't get into any trouble. Just goes to show that the NSA types closely monitor those sites--their "cover story" at that time was that it was a hoax, planted on the government net by persons unknown.

To answer your question, I would hope that they would come out from under that veil. The craft itself should not be classified. Their original payload remains classified--verified this am by a phone call to my former boss.

BTW I understand that a Soviet satellite saw (visually) one of these things and they inquired as to what it was--they were told it was a high altitude research craft; close, but no cigar.

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