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Message posted by Magoo on August 07, 2002 at 3:48:50 PST:

The concept of oversize blimp-like transport craft is an interesting one, and one that must have incredible commerical potential. I cannot understand why such craft have not been not only de-classified, but mass marketed!

Unless these craft were actually designed and patented by the military (e.g. DARPA), then surely the manufacturer would have seen far more potential in hundreds or even thousands of such craft in civilian service, rather than perhaps just a few dozen in military service.

Whatever they are used for now by the military, I guess a civilan version could be de-stealthed (is that a word?), and the original military purpose can remain classified.

You can be reasonably sure that those out there who have any kind of genuine interest (whether it be foreign or domestic) could make a pretty accurate guess as to their original purpose, so I don't see how de-classifying the concept could reveal anything too sensitive.

Hal - thanks for your guarded yet informative insights. If they do in fact exist, can you tell us if there are any near-future plans to reveal these craft officially?


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