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I KNOW what the original payload was/is as it was one of the projects I worked on. However, it is still classified and I have NO desire to go live in a cell in Leavenworth. I still have contacts in DoD and I'll reveal it when I can.

As a reward(??) my boss sent me to a desert test site (not A-51) to see one of these things--he wanted me to see what I had been working on, since my work involved so much physics and I had been buried in the math for a month or so. I was standing next to a radar van on a ridge, talking to someone when a giant shaddow passed over us. It was un-nerving to see something that large flying quietly.

As I revealed to Tom some time ago, there was some footage of a developmental model (a ~ 30 foot equilateral triangle) on a Discovery Wings segment
that was about dirigibles. The footage (a few seconds) was in the background of the speaker, and showed a thethered craft, without a propulsion system.

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