Re: Boeing / Anti-Gravity

Message posted by Toms on July 30, 2002 at 17:08:11 PST:

OK - I know, this is REALLY far fetched, BUT: 2 words did strike me in that article ( and in some earlier reports on anti-G ): "disk" and "spinning".
You might have heard these strange rumors about the so-called "Nazi-UFO" or "Flugkreisel" ( Flying Whirligig ) -so WHAT IF these things really existed, if they had just stumbled upon some unknown physical effect ( certainly NOT by reverse engineering alien technology... ;-) ) and the USA had captured that technology ( just like "Operation Paperclip" ) at the end of WWII??? The first reports of "Flying Discs" in the US were in 1947, right? Maybe there's a very "earthly" explanation for all the "Alien" hysteria? After all: If there really was some alien race that had the technology to get here, we'd simply be cockroaches for them - just like "Independence Day"...

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