Re: Stealth Plasma on Su-32

Message posted by Hal on July 30, 2002 at 0:15:05 PST:

Reminds me of the old Badger with external plumbing that apparently deployed aerosol absorptive chaff. This craft was able to sneak up to a US carrier group in WESTPAC in the 80's, such that the search radars saw nothing--the Badger was sighted visibly by ships crew. CAP was scrambled to escort the intruder out of the area and radar--SPS-48--tracked both the CAP and the Badger out of the area until the Badger turned inbound again. The radar was able to see the CAP aircraft, but not the badger, until it again turned outbound. Thanks be to the CAP pilot who had a camera with him.

I was called in to examine the radar since I had just gone to school on the SPS-48. Nothing was wrong with the radar.

The problem with this form of stealth is that it works inbound, but not well at all outbound--which speaks of Soviet tactics.

maybe this plasma thingy is an improvement.

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