NERVA, shots in the back, etc.

Message posted by Will on July 25, 2002 at 22:56:14 PST:

Understand web site info. Jerking my memory around and can now recall this taking place before in the distant past.

WGU sold out and left Pahrump, April of this year. That jives, but he told my wife he was going to Billings Montana, And told all the rest of the family the same thing.(Earlier in the year.)

"Shot in the back". This is more interesting then any UFO report.

I was living on his property on Lindell Lane / Blue Diamond road when this took place. Circa 1997-98. I was in the big motor home in the back of the property.

Tom, I heard the crack of supersonic projectile and flew out the motor home to see WGU slump over in the garden near his house. This was way befoe i got in trouble with the mafia in vegas so i know it is not related.

Enter the strange, the wound was carterizied from entry to exit. You could stick a drinking straw through it from your "Big Gulp " at 7/11. He was treated and released from the clinic in Henderson.

I have pondered this from the day it happened. I suspect the following, An incindarary round or tracer at + sonic speed, (but it came from above him), LAZER BURST??, Lightening sliver [small] ( there were clouds that day).

The edges of the wound when i examined him seconds after the incident were exactly like the incissions in Linda (gag me) Howels alleged cattle mutes. I know exactly how we made those cut's ------"elementry my dear Watson"--- About a 250 amp arc welder was inside the copter with us. The cuts were standard and made with a very fine carbon-arc eltrode (x2)from the welding machine cables. Quick efficient and simple. All my job was, was to run the lift, the other guy's were very efficient with their work, pat me on the back, i was great too, creating unidentifed flying carcasses. {UFC'S}

Simple hugh ?

To this day we have never figured out that shot in the back he took.

Your guess as good as mine.

NERVA, I have heard, is moving project facilities to Groom lake for our Manned Mars shot. If you see any clouds moving in on Rachel from that area, vacate, it's really dirty exhaust. Don't worry about the repository.

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