Hey Tom !

Message posted by Will Sheaphogan on July 23, 2002 at 20:36:38 PST:

If you are the Tom that is affilliated with the Rachel hang out I am, remember when I fixed your starter motor on your pick-up truck in dad's(Bill Uhouse) driveway. If not, the following should still be an interesting post on the site.

Both dad and I were employed by areo-jet general, REECO(pew),Holmes and Narver, General Electric, the department of energy and several other companys throughout the life of nuclear testing in the Nevada Desert.

How did Linda Molten Howel ever get the idea that cattle were being slayed by aliens ? All of us that have worked at any above ground nuclear testing facility, all the farmers, New Mexico, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, Idaho , where notified that on some occasions their (OUR)livestock would be inspected for health reasons. There is nothing better than a ground feeding animal for study of radiation exposure and it's long term effects.

I wrote this up nearly fifteen years ago, Linda got a fellow police officer in trouble in Idaho because of her BS. I was a member of a crew called "THE COWBOYS" that collected samples of not only cattle but horses, birds, bunny's and every other dritter we could find on the open range in Nevada, Idaho and North East New Mexico. We would routinely return them to the Earth via hilicopter.

Every single farmer was paid a considerable amount compensation for any survey animals we collected. If they weren't paid we just considered the cattle as previousley russtled or unidentified flying cows as we dropped them.



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